Akashic Care Tinctures

Akashic Care™ uses the ancient wisdom of living symbiotically with nature to shape a better future.

With 565 known components of Cannabis, 120 of which are cannabinoids, our goal is to deliver the fullest benefits nature can provide.

We use only the purest ingredients from clean and sustainable cultivation sources to guarantee exceptional quality.

Starting with true to nature cannabis extract, we use three simple ingredients in our tinctures:

  • Whole Plant, Full Spectrum Cannabis Extract
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Proprietary Blend of Citrus Essential Oil

At Akashic Care™ less is more! Our tinctures are always free of sugar, alcohol, glutens, GMO and contain no artificial additives.

Our unique process is focused on preserving the maximum components of cannabis in its unprocessed state. We preserve the many lipids, enzymes and proteins of cannabis believed by Akashic Care™ to be vital in delivering the full medicinal value of this plant.

Even though it requires extra effort and expense to deliver this high standard, the results are a superior product our customer can trust.

Safe and Easy to Use

Akashic CareTM tinctures are olive oil-based products designed to be absorbed under the tongue. Absorption through these capillaries bypasses the liver and digestive tract, allowing for superior bioavailability in comparison to other cannabis delivery methods and preparations.

Tinctures taken in this sublingual manner, provide a smoke-less, vape-less alternative, whose first effects can be felt in 20 minutes. Not only is it safe and easy to Micro Dose when taken in this manner, in comparison to edible cannabis products, the effects are felt much faster.

15ml (30doses) & 30ml (60 doses) of .050ml servings per Bottles with Droppers

  • All droppers are marked at measurements of 0.25ml, 0.50ml, 0.75ml and 1.0ml
  • Approximately 20 drops in a 0.50ml dose

Ratios and Lab Test Results

Many Akashic CareTM  tinctures are named by the ratio of CBD to THC (labeled as CBD:THC) that is contained within the product. A 20:1 tincture has the highest CBD to THC ratio, meaning there is 20 times the amount of CBD to THC. A 3:1 tincture has 3-parts CBD to 1-part THC and a 1:1 has equal parts CBD to THC.

The exact number of CBD, CBDa or THC, THCa listed in 0.50ml dose of the same  Akashic CareTM  product will vary from one batch to the next, even though they contain the same total amount of total cannabis extract. In nature, the precise components of the same strain cannabis will vary from one harvest to the next, just as they will vary from one plant to the next. We have found these slight variances provided by nature contain an advantage over synthesized or highly processed products.