True to Nature
Craft Cannabis
Tinctures & Topicals

Akashic Care™ combines holistic principles with modern research to create small-batch crafted cannabis tinctures and topicals with a unique process to preserve the true nature of the plant.

Our Vision is Empowerment!

Akashic Care™ approaches well being by restoring balance to the body’s endocannabinoid system. We focus on the ancient wisdom of living symbiotically with nature to shape a better future. Releasing self-limiting views is our goal in helping to create a bridge in the middle of the unhealthy divide between humans and nature.

Made with the purest intent for
positive change in your life.

This passion for self-care with medicinal cannabis beyond the failings of conventional methods, started one person at a time. Using hands-on knowledge, we focused on patient feedback combined with use of scientific research and input from cannabis medical professionals.

We wanted to make clean holistic options, designed to self-monitor, and enable individuals in making their own decisions about self-care as part of complete holistic living plan.

Lab testing was always the gold standard, long before it was required, when we began making products as a collective to help family and friends.

Word of mouth spread, steadily increasing the numbers we served, as our products were asked for by patients, as the“real” medicine.

Manufactured in San Diego County
Responsible cultivation and methods – start to finish

View of Santa Ysabel Botanical Facility above Lake Henshaw,
San Diego County, California

A few of us from the patient-based era were lucky enough to find a collaborative seed to sale campus, the first of its kind, in San Diego County, of like-minded individuals who produce premium, natural craft cannabis. This idyllic location exists at the Santa Ysabel Botanical Facility of the Iipay Tribal Nation in a secure & highly regulated best practice model. This campus helps foster the organically grown cannabis movement of culture and artisans which conglomerates try to simulate in their push to dominate the cannabis market of California.