THCA Products

Akashic Care® THCA products are revolutionizing medicinal cannabis!

Akashic Care® THCA products leverage the RAW cannabinoid properties of the plant to create these powerful capsule and oral syringe products that are designed to maximize the benefits of the plant without the associated feeling of being “high”:

Why THCA? Why is it so important?

THCA, also written as THC-a or THC-A, is a cannabinoid naturally found in cannabis plants during the early stages of flowering when it has not been exposed to much heat (commonly from the sun). It is worth noting that when THCA is exposed to high heat, it converts to THC, which is the cannabinoid responsible for the plant’s psychoactive effects. This is why recreational cannabis users will apply heat to the plant via a flame or heating element to get high. However, if you want to leverage the medicinal benefits of the plant, smoking or ingesting THC has limited advantages, and high doses of THC are not practical for most users due to low tolerance levels.

THCA can be taken in high doses and with NO psychoactive effects. THCA has extreme anti-inflammatory properties so leveraging the maximum amount of THCA with little THC is an incredibly powerful and natural way to address various conditions.

Most importantly, the human body contains nuclear receptors called PPAR. PPARs’ role is to control the expression of specific genes by acting as transcription factors. These nuclear receptors are found in all organs and tissues, including the brain. PPAR alpha regulates genes involved in the breakdown of fatty acids, while PPAR gamma is involved in glucose regulation and controls multiple physiological functions, such as development, energy metabolism, cellular differentiation, and inflammation. Studies show that THCA can positively affect this nuclear receptor pathway thereby, treating various conditions associated with inflammation.

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