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Akashic Care® THCA Capsules
35-40mg of THCA per capsule!

These THCA capsules are revolutionizing medicinal cannabis forever!

Our capsules contain WHOLE PLANT cannabis oil with finely ground cannabis flower to provide the maximum benefits of the plant in one pill.


THCA = 35-40mg (That’s a lot!)
THC = <2mg (That’s very little)*

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*most people don’t feel the “high” effect of THC unless it is greater than 2.5mg per dose, and 5mg is a common serving size, so these capsules provide a much lower dose of THC than other consumable products out there.
This means you can get the maximum healing power of the plant with little to no “high” feeling. Is that awesome? ABSOLUTELY!

What is THCA?

THCA Molecules Diagram Image

Simply put, THCA is the precursor to THC, before it’s been decarboxylated (heated.) When heated, the O and OH group in the THC-A molecule breaks off as
carbon dioxide and becomes THC. (See curved green arrow in diagram)

Akashic Care® THCA Capsules leverage this property of the plant by eliminating heat from the extraction process and preserving the plant’s natural RAW form in order to allow a patient to take one capsule 1 to 5 times spread out over a day with the hope of little to no intoxicating effect. This allows for patients to get almost 200mg of RAW cannabis into their body each day and ultimately aiding the body’s natural endocannabinoid system to fight the fight for better health and well being.

We formulate our THCA Capsules using lipid infusion to provide the perfect environment for the NATURALLY OCCURRING cannabinoids, terpenes and the 510  phytocompounds that are abundant in our solvent-free extract. Lipid infusion uses fatty acids LIKE OLIVE OIL to absorb and encapsulate these compounds, AND DELIVER THEM DIRECTLY TO THE CELLS THROUGH LIPIDS.  KNOWN AS LIPID TRANSPORT.

Gluten-free & Enteric coated

Enteric Coating serves as a barrier to prevent the gastric acids in the stomach from dissolving or degrading medications after you swallow them. By bypassing the stomach and releasing medication in the colon, the nutrients  are protected.  This allows for delayed release. Thanks to this process, we can ensure the cannabis makes it through the stomach to the small intestine and other stages of digestion is reached.

THCA / THC-A / THCa … is there a difference?

No. THCA, THC-A & THCa are all used to refer to the same thing. We use THCA because, well… because frankly, it’s easier to type. 🙂

Want to read more on THCA? Check out the Scientific Papers below:

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